Hello to anyone/everyone, who is taking the time to look through my attempts at poetry!

This is my first and only blog, kindly and expertly put together for me by my husband.

Having looked through other blogs, it seems to be the norm for the blogger to write something in way of an introduction, so here goes nothing!…….

I don’t have too many vivid memories of my days at primary school, perhaps due in part to the fact that when I started primary school at the age of five I couldn’t speak any English, only Italian!

However, when I was about eight or nine years old, my class was given the task of writing a poem about something that interested us.

I wrote a poem about a rat! God only knows why as I can’t stand rats, the sight of one sends shivers down my spine!

That said, the reaction that poem about a rat received from my teacher was amazing.

She told me it was one of the best poems written by a child that she’d ever read.

The poem was subsequently displayed prominently on my classroom wall and my teacher, whose name I have long since forgotten, made sure the poem was read by everyone.

I remember feeling quite bemused by all the praise that poem earned me but also delighted, shocked, and proud.

That poem, about a rat was the only poem I ever wrote!

Knowing myself, the way that I do, the reason for my extremely short stint as a poet was simply because I didn’t believe that I could replicate the success of that first attempt, so as to avoid any unwanted disappointment, I made that first attempt also my last!

Fast forward nearly forty years……..

On the 19th of March 2014, I wrote my second ever poem, and to date, I have rattled off another forty or so poems, and counting!

I have no idea why this is. When my mother died in 2010, I turned to sad poems to help me cry. I found the tears helped me grieve and the poems caused the tears.

Although I loved reading the poems I never once thought about writing myself.

As I said, the writing started three months ago, completely out of the blue.

This time however, unlike the first time around, I haven’t stopped at the one poem!

Some of my poems are written from my perspective but others from my perception of how others see the world.

I have dedicated a number of poems to my Mum that can be viewed by clicking here and you can look at various odes on different subjects by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy reading my poems, but if you don’t, please don’t tell me, I don’t take criticism very well!!

Thank you for visiting,

Maria x