Where are you taking me?.

Where are you taking me, sweet little elf
Is it to someplace, I’d venture myself?

Will it be gruesome, vile and revolting
Alluringly bleak,  dark thoughts evoking.

Could it be haunted,  by phantoms and ghosts
Blood thirsty bats, to which we are hosts.

What of lost souls, do they live there
Are those their cries, tainting the air?

I’m scared of the dark, what lies beyond
Should I cry out, who would respond

Why bring me here, what have I done
Which wicked tale, has someone spun

You must not believe, all that you hear
Do you think it’s me, you need to fear?

Be cautious kind elf, you’ve brought me to Hell
Dear Dante and Virgil, depicted it well

Don’t try my patience, my trusty guide
Nor seek to run, elves cannot hide.

Please take me back, sweet little elf
Or here you’ll remain, all by yourself!.

Can you keep a secret?.

What if I were to tell you a secret
Could you be trusted to forever keep it?

Could your discretion be counted upon
Would you sit and listen for however long.

Will you be tempted to unburden all
Keep my sins stored poised to recall.

I think I can trust you, I hope I’m correct
I know you are like me, a fact I accept.

I require due solace, an unbiased ear
A private confessor, one I don’t fear.

Someone to share with,  could that be you
You’ll be the one, to see it through?

Can you keep my secrets, however bleak
Sit back, listen, please do not speak.

The kids went back to school!.

The kids went back to school today
I’m very happy, what can I say.

Seven long weeks, they’ve been at home
Driving me past, my comfort zone.

They tried my patience, tested my will
I bit my nails, took a strong pill.

We argued and fought, kissed and made up
I poured more wine, took a big sup.

A trip to the Farm, sounds easy enough
A nose bitten by, Billy Goat Gruff.

There were buckets of tears, tantrums galore
chain smoking mums, passed out on the floor.

Fathers who worked, from dawn until dusk
Mothers who screamed, until a vein bust.

Endless days,  I thought would not end
wonderful days, I hope come again!.

My life story?.

What have you done with your life up till now?
Could you answer that, if so tell me how.

When I was born, I got the wrong list
I’m a quick learner,  I soon got the gist.

Do as you’re told, be seen but not heard
Follow the crowd, be part of the herd.

Be average in class, stifle your voice
Smile and accept, it’s not a choice.

Don’t lose the weight, or colour your hair
Stay in the background, it’s much safer there.

Marry the first one who drives to the door
If they own a car, they can’t be that poor.

Produce a few offspring, perhaps just the one
Tears when they come, tears when they’re gone.

Keep taking the tablets, drinking the wine
Numbing the pain,  and wasting your time.

Stop and take stock, when your mother dies
Take hold of your life, open your eyes.

Don’t look to the future, don’t live in the past
Just treat every day, as if its your last.

Are fairies real?.

How do you know, that fairies aren’t real
how do you know,  that goldfish can’t  feel?.

Don’t you believe in ghosts and in ghouls
don’t you believe in some of those fools?.

I thought you knew Santa had a white beard
I thought you knew Satan needs to be feared.

Of course you’ve encountered heartbreak and loss
of course you blame him, nailed to his cross.

Aliens exist, true love does not
don’t leave your cat in baby’s cot.

I used to believe in all that I heard
some of the lies, were completely absurd.

Please listen closely, take my advice
don’t trust a soul, however nice.

Don’t let yourself be tricked and deceived
search for the things that can be believed.

I missed you today

I missed you today, as I always do
I sat in the sun, and thought about you.

I thought how unfair, this life can be
how cruel, unforgiving, to take you from me.

I needed you here, to show me the way
I needed to hear, what you had to say.

No one can gauge my moods  like you could
No one can make me see all that’s good.

Why did you die, I need to know
Was it so bad, you chose to go?

Could you not take, this life anymore
was it too much for you to endure?

If I could have taken, some of your pain
would you have listened, let me explain?

I wish that I’d told you, how much I cared
I should have told you, but I never dared.

I missed you today, I’ll miss you tomorrow
the rest of my days, will be filled with sorrow.

An angel came to sit with me.

An angel came to sit with me
she felt my abject misery
she saw the tears I often shed
she saw the turmoil in my head.

The angel sat but did not speak
she wiped a tear from my cheek
her eyes were clear, bright and blue
compassion, kindness both shone through.

She took my hand and held it tight
her skin so soft, cold and white.
I clung to her in desperation
praying she would bring salvation.

She stroked my hair, and held me close
she smelled so sweet, a fragrant rose
I cried fresh tears, a river flowed
an endless torrent, until it slowed.

I fell asleep in the angels arms
comforted by her ethereal charms
I felt safe content and totally free
the happy soul, I wanted to be.

An angel came to sit with me
to halt my abject misery
to soothe my worries ease my pain
give me the strength to live again.

The day that my life changed.

The day that my life changed,
was the day that she died,
I understood then, what it meant to cry.

The day that my life changed
I couldn’t think straight,
I wouldn’t accept, that this was her fate.

The day that my life changed
is etched on my brain,
complete devastation, gut wrenching pain.

The day that my life changed,
caught me off guard,
what isn’t expected, can hit you so hard.

The day that my life changed
has left me bemused,
lost and bewildered, somewhat confused.

The day that my life changed
I still question why,
why god would choose, my mum to die.

I really needed to see you today.

I really needed, to see you today
I really wanted, to hear what you’d say.

And then it hit me, like it always does,
the fact you reside now,  in heaven above.

It’s just not the same, without you here
everything’s blurred, nothing is clear.

Yet again I question, why did you die
yet again I fail,  to receive a reply.

People tell me, you have to move on
let the past go, keep being strong.

They don’t understand the way that I feel
lost and bewildered, nothing is real.

I wish I could simply, see you once more
be greeted by you, when I open my door.

Send me a sign, allow me to hope
give me the tools, with which to cope.

But I know that I won’t, see you again
least not till my own life,  has come to an end,

Until such time then, my memories will do
I’ll smile and I’ll cry, as I think about you.

M is for Madness.

M is for madness, M is for me
surrounded by madness, it’s all I can see.

I think it’s genetic, my family are mad
My brother’s a psycho, then there’s my dad!.

My sister starts howling, at every full moon
and wears a fur coat, in the middle of June .

My uncle’s in jail, I can’t say what for
he’s safely locked up, behind a white door.

My aunt loves to chat, to folk on the street
usually she’s naked, just socks on her feet.

My cousin’s alright, he’s only fifteen
but he’s blessed with 3 eyes, one blue and 2 green.

Last, but not least, is my dear grandpa Pat,
he calls himself Mary, and married his cat.

At the end of the day, when all’s said and done
living with madness, is really quite fun.

I like being crazy, cuckoo and mad
To live my life sane, to me seems so sad!.