What is this life?

What is this life if full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to wander through the fields,
To sample all that nature yields.

No time to watch our children grow,
And melt our hearts like sun does snow.

No time to savour every word,
Be they ones read, or they ones heard.

No time to cherish those most dear,
To keep them safe, and hold them near.

No time to yearn for all things past,
To mourn the fact your dreams don’t last.

No time at all unless we take,
A pause to breathe, not to forsake.

To not forsake our time on earth,
Embrace this life and all it’s worth.

What would happen if I stopped tomorrow?

What would happen if I stopped tomorrow?
Would it all end in abject sorrow?

What if I just turn my back, say I’ve had enough of that!
Would I manage, could I cope?, would I have a single hope?

Every day I take a pill,
But not because I am physically ill.

My body doesn’t bother me,
It’s on display for all to see.

My mind however, completely different
Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it isn’t!

I have to keep the thoughts at bay,
Banish the bad ones, the good ones can stay!

It’s people like you who make me continue
Who don’t give a dam, if I don’t want to!.

For you, I have to stay medicated
Because of you, I’m continually frustrated!

Always on my guard whenever we meet
I soon feel the quickening of my heart’s beat.

There’s something about people like you
That makes me react the way that I do.

Is it because I can see something in you?.
Dark and unpleasant, lurking within you!.

I have a sixth sense, I can talk to the dead
I can see right inside of your stupid head!.

God how I loathe you, for being so dense
For finding your way through my defence!

So for you I continue to keep myself calm
Ensuring I don’t do myself any harm!.

Thank you, I hate you, I wish you were dead
It’s time now to go, and sort out my head!

Mirror, mirror.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?.
Not you he said to my dismay,
You’re missing teeth, and your hair is grey!.

Please dear mirror, don’t let it be so
What happened to me, where did the years go?.

I thought I was only twelve years old
Fresh faced and happy, heart full of hope.

Alright if not twelve, then twenty perhaps
If I stood in the shadows, could I pass for that?.

The mirror stayed silent, so I tried again
If I lost a few pounds, would I look younger then?.

If I put on some makeup, dyed my hair red
Wore skinny jeans, and a scarf round my head!.

If I tried to disguise the crows feet and lines
I’d have to wear sunglasses all of the time!.

I could have a facelift, make my skin tight
End up like a boxer, after a fight!.

As for my eyesight, don’t ask about that
You’ve all heard the saying, “as blind as a bat”!.

What’s that you say, I look twenty nine
Why thank you kind sir, I’ll pay you next time!.

I could travel in darkness, just like Count Dracula
With fangs and a cape, I’d look quite spectacular!.

But hold on a minute, I can’t turn back time
The clock stops for no one, it ticks and it chimes.

I don’t need a surgeon, to make me look young
I’ll just smash the mirror, then turn and run!!.

A word of advice.

A word of advice, to all fledgling poets
To writers and bards, who may not yet know it.Writing a verse, a poem or song
Can be lots of fun, and need not take long.

It’s not quite as easy as nineteen plus three
And slightly more taxing than A, B or C!.

It’s possibly similar to riding a bike
Driving a car, or taking a hike.

There are no set rules for you to adhere to
No sticky red tape, for you to tear through.

Pick up a pen, a pencil some paper
Then just sit and think, the words will come later.

An important thing I’ve forgotten to mention
Writing’s for fun, and not for attention!.

Please do not fret over potential readers
Opinions that matter, come from those who believe us.

Our families and friends, in all those we trust
We should listen to them, I think that we must.

So now I have reached, the end of my verse
I’m sure you’ve read better, or possibly worse.

And please don’t regard me as one to admire
It’s not to  my life, that you should aspire.

To ensure you succeed, aim higher and higher!.

I didn’t tell you how sorry I am.

I didn’t tell you how sorry I am
I wish I could go back, to when it began.

It didn’t make sense, the way that it ended
I didn’t believe you couldn’t be mended!

Nobody guessed, I didn’t foresee
Your soul was so close to being set free.

I took you for granted, I know that I did
Thank you for having the grace to forgive.

Where did it come from?, your endless compassion
I tried to reciprocate, after a fashion.

I was far more concerned, with my state of mind!
Letting  me down, time after time!

You always stayed strong, picked up the slack
I ran ahead, and didn’t look back!

If I had just stopped, drowning in sorrow
You might still be here to welcome tomorrow.

I wouldn’t be feeling the way that I am
Wading through life, bereft of a plan.

Of course I am grateful for all that I have
Health, wealth and happiness, all there to grab!

But I just can’t reach them, not all at once
With two of the three, I don’t stand a chance!

Oh woe is me!, my constant lament
Never replete, seldom content.

Look at me now, the way that I’m writing
All about me, my selfishness frightening!.

I’m so sorry mum, please can you forgive me?.
Banish the guilt, that now resides with me!.

It’s just that I miss you with all of my heart
The day that you died, my world fell apart!

I should have been stronger, just put you first
Stood right beside you, made myself heard!

To live with these feelings of loss and regret
Is made that much harder, when you can’t forget.

I wake every morning, fully aware
That time has moved on, and you’re no longer here!

My heart bears the scars, my eyes fill with tears
Absolving my guilt, will take many years.


Why do little girls, all yearn to be princesses

Why do little girls, all yearn to be princesses?
Trying out mums lipstick, and borrowing their dresses.

My youngest daughter loves nothing more
than wearing her tiara.
Carefully placing it on her head
and adorning it with flowers.

I love to watch her prance around,
wearing  her glass slippers.
Glad if she remembers, to wear a pair of knickers!.

Both my daughters make a throne, using all my cushions
But to decide who gets the throne, involves a lot of pushing!

They act out scenes, the both of them, as if up on the stage
I sometimes wonder if their script, is missing the odd page!

Their latest play saw my youngest locked up in the tower.
My eldest daughter left her there, and went off to take a shower!

I very much doubt, the two of them could ever rule a nation
It wouldn’t take long for their subjects, to start pleading for salvation!

They love to adopt a regal air, a somber tone of voice
Obey their commands is what I do, they don’t give me a choice!.

My eldest is studying Henry the eight, and all six of his wives
Regaling me with gruesome tales, of how all of them died!

My youngest is still far too young, to be studying such things
Her interest lies in dressing up in pretty fairy wings.

I find myself lost in awe of their imagination,
Totally enthralled, awash with admiration.

My daughters make me very proud, I love them both so much
Even when they’re arguing, or kicking up a fuss.

They will always be my princesses, the loveliest ever seen
And seeing as I am their mum, then that makes me the queen!!

The First of March

Four years today, that can’t be right
I slept like a baby, all through the night.

No bad thoughts invaded my dreams
No one woke up, from hearing me scream!

The house is just as I left it last night
Bars on the windows, doors all locked tight.

No evidence here, that something’s amiss
No possible cause for feeling like this.

Look at the date, I hear someone say
The first of March, St. David’s day!

And then they return, to sit by my side
The memories of then, the day that she died.

I didn’t go crazy, and lose every plot
I have hidden strengths, though some may think not!

I held it together for everyone else
I can’t share the heartache, that’s just for myself.

When you have a family, whom on you depends
You can’t call it quits, and say it’s the end.

I’m not seeking pity, if that’s what you’re thinking
I’ve made it this far, without truly sinking!

I’ve made it to now, right back to today
To much better times, I’m happy to say.

Still, with all that said, and a smile on my face
I know she’s the one I can never replace.

I am your very dear friend

I am your very dear friend, she said
Secretly wishing, that I were dead!

Always greeted me with a smile
Trying so hard, to not run a mile.

You asked and I gave, you took and I let you
You never say thanks, you always forget to!

Time after time, I’ve wanted to ask,
Why you persist in wearing that mask.

You know I see through it, the false admiration
The look in your eyes needs no explanation.

You preferred me back then, when I lived in my shell
When I stumbled through life, not doing well.

You would lend me an ear, but never quite listened
You dismissed the tears, in my eyes as they glistened.

So superficial, a fair weather friend
I think that our friendship has come to an end.

Are you surprised?, I doubt that you are
You knew you could only push me so far!

It’s fine though, don’t worry, I bear you no ill
I really don’t hate you, I quite like you still.

Like a handful before you, and some yet to come
You take what you want, then leave when you’re done!

Please don’t assume you’ve come out on top
By trampling all over the rest of the crop!

I’m better than you, I’m kind and I’m giving
I remember the dead, and respect the living.

I’m loyal to those who merit my time
Who don’t make me feel as if I were nine!

You abused my trust, you made me doubt
You confused me to the point where I wanted to shout!

Leave me alone now, be on your way
Go find yourself some fresh willing prey!

I now shall detach myself from your grasp
You may think you’ve won, but I’ll have the last laugh!

The Running Man

Run, run, run as fast as you can,
I can’t catch you, you’re the running man.

How on earth did I find myself here?
If I’ve really offended, well I had no idea!

I never insulted you, well not to your face,
So why are we having this long pointless race?

For some unknown reason, you made me your foe,
Why you thought me so bad, I truly don’t know.

Your were the captain, selected your team
I served the lunches, fed you your greens!

Our race seemed to start a few months ago,
You set off quite quickly, I started off slow!

I foolishly entered a difficult race,
I knew from the start, I couldn’t keep pace.

My opponents all younger and fitter than me
Were raring to go, from what I could see!

I thought I was ready, had done all my training
It soon became clear, that didn’t mean anything!

We lined up together, as equals, as one
And before I knew it, the race had begun.

I ambled along at the back of the pack
Keeping my head down, my eyes on the track.

After a while, I started to tire
I started to think, it was time to retire!

My body was aching from all the exertion
My poor heart was breaking, from being deserted!

My fellow competitors, had raced out of sight
I wouldn’t have caught them, if I’d ran through the night.

Obstacles galore, were placed in my path
To make absolutely sure, that I finished last!

And come last I did, just like you planned
Completely defeated, dismissed out of hand.

I felt totally exhausted, the race took its toll
My spirits depleted, was that your goal?.

Bravo, well done, you ran your race well
You don’t like to be beaten, that’s easy to tell!

Enjoy your success for as long as you can
I’m coming to get you my dear running man!!

I just want to write one happy verse

I just want to write one happy verse
That stays full of promise, and doesn’t get worse.

Recalling the good things that happen in life.
How rewarding to be a good mother and wife.

The days I feel honoured to just be alive Conquering each mountain one step at a time
Not easy to do the higher you climb.

Why can’t all of my musings be bright?
Of fairies and flowers, and birds in full flight.

The words seem to stumble, then gush from my pen
The force tends to scare me, time and again.

At times they seem written by somebody else
I can’t take the credit, not all by myself.

Perhaps I’ve been fooling myself all this time
Attempting to write, pretending to rhyme!

I don’t understand, why so long it’s taken To recapture the poet,
I’d long since forsaken.

The words and the phrases, just seem to appear
They land on the page, from out of thin air.

Why all of a sudden, do they want to be shared?.

Perhaps I’ve lacked courage, conviction or both
Or is it the prospect of failure I loathe?.

I truly am puzzled, I don’t comprehend
I feel like the loner whose found a new friend.

I feel like the princess who went to the ball
And danced with the prince, until the night fall.

I feel like the student, awarded A plus.
The one of whom everyone, makes such a fuss.

Perhaps then it’s time to give in to fate.
Embrace this endeavour, before it’s too late!

So continue to write, is what I shall do
Happy or sad, I’ll see it right through.

Right through to the end, when the ink had run dry.
And my eyes have relinquished the tears they must cry.