Twinkle twinkle little star

Twinkle twinkle little star,
how I wonder what you are.

Could you be gifts from those we love?
Who now reside in heaven above.

A sign from those so dearly missed
That the here ever after, does exist.

Is that why a robins breast is red?
They catch the soul as it leaves the dead.

The single white feather that floats to the ground
Left by an angel whose wings make no sound.

The smell of a rose once in full bloom.
The feeling of warmth in a cold room.

The sound of their voice, soft in your ear
At the darkest of times, to ease the despair.

The sun as it breaks through the blackest of skies
The kindness of strangers, with love in their eyes.

Reminders all, that they once did live
And even in death, have still more to give.

Does anyone listen to a word that I say?

Does anyone listen to a word that I say?.
I find myself wondering on a typical day.

When I open my mouth to utter a word
Can anything I say be actually heard?

Am I speaking a language that’s foreign to you?.
That you can’t comprehend that doesn’t get through.

I thought I spoke clearly, pronounced my words
well If I was talking nonsense I think I could tell!

God it’s frustrating at times being me
I waste so much time trying to be.

Being what, you may ask, if I knew I would tell you
There must be someplace I’m trying to get to.

Is that why you find me so difficult to hear?
You’re too far away, when I thought you so near.

We really are strangers, we live worlds apart
You think with your head, I think with my heart.

I live in a world of my own creation
You live in a world that I want no place in.

A world full of people who speak but don’t listen
A world so chaotic, I’m glad I don’t fit in!.

What was I thinking of, getting so cross
Wanting my voice heard at any cost!

I’ll stay in my silent but safe little world
Where I don’t feel the need to utter a word!

Have you ever been somewhere where you’re not wanted

Have you ever been somewhere where you’re not wanted
where you’re not needed, your opinion not heeded?

Ever been someplace you’ve felt ill at ease
whatever you do, no one can you please.

Have you ever ignored all your gut instincts
discarded advice, however intrinsic.

Have you ever said yes, when it should have been no
thought you were busy, with nowhere to go.

Ever tried to impress with the right word
knowing for sure, that no one had heard.

Have you felt all alone in the midst of a crowd
speaking quite freely, but never out loud.

If you have then please tell me, how to disguise
the sense of despair, the dent in my pride.

Don’t worry, I’m joking, I’m stronger than that
it’ll take more than ignorance, my shell to crack.

Have you ever been to this place I’ve described
if you have, then like me, you’ve learnt to survive!

I wandered lonely as a cloud

I wandered lonely as a cloud, that floats up high o’er vale and hill When all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils.

They reached as far as the eye could see,
in perfect golden harmony.

So proud they stood, as if hand in hand,
I never did see a merrier band.

The sun as it shone did bathe them in light
Their beauty enhanced, their colours so bright.

I sat in their midst, to take in the sight
I sat and I watched, until it was night.

And as the sun set, and the moon it did rise
They all bowed their heads, and then closed their eyes.

I knew it was time for me to depart
to find my way home, and back to the start.

As I rose from the ground, my body refreshed
For all I had witnessed, I felt truly blessed

For all I had seen, that day now since passed
Remains with me still, locked safe in my heart.

Another birthday, that you’ve missed

Another birthday, that you’ve missed,
Two more cheeks, you didn’t kiss.

One more gift, you won’t be buying,
No more ribbons, will you be tying.

No more party dresses, lovingly chosen,
No more toys bought, just to be broken.

No more books to read, no lullabys to sing,
No more popping round, to see if I am in.

No more meals to cook, no cups of tea to make,
No more lies to tell, no happiness to fake.

No more promises, will you have to hear spoken,
From no more nightmares, will you have to be woken.

No more calls to make, no letters to be written,
No more days to wait, for comfort to be given.

No more tears to cry, no sins to be forgiven
No more failed attempts, to escape from your prison.

No more disappointments, no more shattered dreams,
No more cuts to heal, no more muffled screams.

No more anything, that’s all that you have left
A fact that, more than you, I now need to accept.

Light or shade, shade or light?

Light or shade, shade or light?
Which is wrong, which is right?.

Don’t ask me, I haven’t a clue,
I never know, what’s best to do.

I try to be nice, happy to help,
The truth is, I can’t even look after myself!

I’m a very good listener, or so it seems,
Whilst you are talking, I’m lost in my dreams.

I’m always the first one, to offer assistance,
Usually from, a very safe distance!

Please don’t accept it, whatever you do,
Don’t think I’m serious, I won’t see it through!

I really don’t get it, I don’t understand,
I should be in charge, have the upper hand!

What about when, I’m particularly nice,
Offering comfort, and welcome advice.

And what about when, I scour the net,
Getting the things, you think you can’t get.

And the hours I’ve spent, what about them?
I won’t get them back, not ever again.

What of the times, the halcyon days,
When it all seemed so perfect, in every way.

Was I not happy, nice to be with,
Quick to say sorry, quicker to forgive.

I’m changing tack, altering my path,
Taking things slowly, not moving too fast.

I ‘m tired of caring, what all of you think
The real me emerges, once I’ve had a drink!.

Or does it?, I don’t know, I really don’t care,
The real me’s a notion, lost in thin air.

So, is it light or shade, dark or bright,
Which is wrong, which is right ?

I refuse to worry anymore,
I’ve closed the windows, I’ve locked door!

Once upon a time, many moons ago

Once upon a time, many moons ago,
Lived a little girl, that some of you may know.

A shy timid girl, not pretty but plain,
No one displayed, her photo in a frame.

A trifle too plump, her hair mousey brown,
Never too happy, but often quite down.

Average at school, so as not to be noticed,
The reality was, she’d long lost her focus.

No friends to speak of, she kept to herself,
Never quite trusting, anyone else.

Her brothers and sister, all took centre stage,
Deep down inside, she was seething with rage.

All of the things, that we take for granted,
Are all of the things, she needed and wanted.

Outwardly sweet, naive and kind,
Carefully hiding, a cynical mind.

With Pandora’s box, but missing the key,
Grateful the truth, could not be set free.

Desperately lonely, she clung to her dreams,
A beautiful swan, that couldn’t be seen.

The girl did grow up, but things didn’t change,
Wherever she went, she was treated the same.

This pattern continued, throughout her life,
She bore no one children, was never a wife.

Why did no one help her, how could they not see?
The goodness inside her, desperate to be freed.

It’s too late now, to make amends
I should have acted, before the end.

I know I’ve learnt a lesson, next time I’ll make a change
I’ll live my life, just how I want, when I come back again!

I need someone to talk to

I need someone to talk to, but that someone has gone,
I need someone to listen, and tell me when I’m wrong.

I need a hand to guide me, through life’s eternal maze,
I need a hand to wipe my tears, on sad and lonely days.

I need an audience for my tales, someone to laugh out loud.
I need someone who understands, I’m not good in a crowd.

I need someone to sit with, and watch the world go by
Someone with whom I’m comfortable, who offers no surprise.

I need my anchor, like a ship, drifting out at sea,
I need the life guard late at night, sent to rescue me.

I need the life I had before, the one when they were here,
The life that passed without a hitch, as long as they were near.

I need to know it happened, the way I thought it would,
I need to know I lived that life, the best way that I could.

I need to know, it all makes sense, although I’m not so sure,
I need to finally accept the fact, that they are here no more.

Each and every morning, in my favourite month of May

Each and every morning, in my favourite month of May,
I try to be awake in time, to usher in the day.

To sit outside, and listen, to birdsong all around,
Their voices sweet and true, the loveliest of sounds.

The sun not fully risen, a chill hangs in the air,
Yet still, I sit and watch , in silence from my chair.

Before too long,the sun appears, and colours in the scene,
The daisies white as snow flakes, on grass of emerald green.

This time alone, I cherish, it means so much to me,
I languish in the solitude, and let my mind run free.

I need no one to talk to, no one to lend an ear,
Nothing to confess to, no secrets to be shared.

No one to tell me what to do, or influence my decisions,
No one to whisper in my ear, or try to cloud my vision.

The day ahead, lies in wait, full of the unknown,
I use this time to prepare, I prefer to be alone.

Days like these, remind me, of all in life that’s good,
Remind me not to take too long, to do all that I should.

Angels walk among us, at least that’s what I’ve heard

Angels walk among us, at least that’s what I’ve heard,
Always watching over us, not uttering a word.

Once we die, where do we go, where does our journey end?
What becomes of all we had, our family and our friends?.

What happens to those left behind, once we’re no Longer here?
Why can we not reach down a hand, and wipe away their tears?.

So many of us, waste our lives, chasing futile dreams,
The rest of us, live in nightmares, muffling our screams.

What if on our birthday, we received a detailed plan,
Showing us which path to take, to reach our promised land.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful, if only it were so,
Knowing what you need to do, and exactly where to go.

Sadly, this is not the case, we all start off the same,
For most of us, to end the race, will be our only aim.

On those rare days, we’re forced to stop, and come back to the present,
To realise how much we’ve missed, can only breed resentment .

I don’t have any answers, I have nothing to say,
Don’t ask too many questions, just live your life your way.