Have you ever pondered, the meaning of life?

Have you ever pondered, the meaning of life?,
Why is it good for some, whilst for others, all strife?.

How is it that some people, get all that they wish for?
Whilst others survive, on barely a whisper.

Why do they always win, in whichever race,
Try as you might, you just can’t keep pace.

They always look better, smarter than you,
You won’t get it right, whatever you do.

You always seem worried, whilst they are relaxed,
They never fall victim to panic attacks.

Do you wish you could join them, be one of their kind
Have the worries and fears, erased from your mind.

Wake up tommorow, breathe different air,
Be someone else, see if you dare.

That cannot happen, we are who we are,
Best to accept it, right from the start.

We all have a mind, a heart and a soul,
To use these gifts wisely, should be your one goal.

I must have revenge, or this feeling won’t end

I must have revenge, or this feeling won’t end,
I must clean the slate, or I’ll be consumed by hate.

A dish best served cold, how long do I leave it?
Once pride has been lost, you seek to retrieve it.

I thought they would like me, want to be my friend,
I didn’t envisage, the way it would end.

I tried to be friendly, cheerful, and kind,
Not easy to do, some of the time!.

A few of you were nice, but I mean, just a few,
The rest of you however, stand offish, and cruel.

I asked lots of questions, an attempt to look bright,
I researched you all, on my Ipad at night!.

I thought I’d be safer, playing the fool,
Laughing and joking, trying to be cool!.

That was my mistake, I now realise,
The clues were all there, in front of my eyes.

Why didn’t I show them just what I could do,
But nobody told me I had something to prove.

The irony is, I thought I was smart,
But no body bothered to inform my heart.

I let them upset me, get under my skin,
They set the traps, and I jumped right in!.

I should have maintained, a calm disposition,
But I found myself on, a self destruct mission!

At least that was then, a long time ago,
Should I move on, and just let it go?.

A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye,
Or turn the other cheek, then break down and cry?.

Revenge is so sweet, or so I’ve heard,
I’m just working out, how it should be served!

I am so amazing, extremely clever

I am so amazing, extremely clever
Sure to succeed, with any endeavour.

Beautiful too, or did I not mention,
My beauty commands, unwavering attention.

My hair feels like silk, soft to the touch
My makeup is subtle, and never too much.

My voice is melodic, gentle in your ear
Whispering the words, you’re longing to hear.

My hypnotic eyes, will put you in a trance,
You’ll beg me to choose, your life to enhance.

I’m loved and adored, by all those I know,
Admired, desired, wherever I go.

How happy I am, how wonderful I feel,
It all feels so right, not one bit surreal.

I deserve all I have, I am not conceited,
I always come first, I’m never defeated.

I’m all of the things, you wish you could be,
If only you were, you’d be just like me!

Back to the start, back to square one

Back to the start, back to square one,
Back to the place, where it began.

Wipe the slate clean, correct your mistakes,
Don’t think about how long that may take.

Become the Phoenix, arise from the ashes,
Escape from your past, now none of it matters.

Imagine the feeling of being reborn,
Given the chance, once more to perform.

Armed with the knowledge of all that transpired,
Aware of the things that you lacked, but desired.

You’d know who to trust, and who to avoid,
You’d recognise those, who mean to destroy .

How easy it would be, to fool and confound ,
You’d be in charge, this time around.

No more surprises, lurking in store,
No monsters waiting, behind a locked door.

The feeling of being, totally in tune,
The calm and the peace, can’t come too soon.

A whole new adventure, waiting to begin,
Choose carefully this time, the aim is to win.

Happy birthday mum, although you are not here

Happy birthday mum, although you are not here
I feel you very close, I sense you very near.

My daughters would have baked a cake, made a special card,
To celebrate without you though, is really very hard.

We would have gone out shopping, bought a special treat,
Then we would have found a place to have a bite to eat.

I would have sent you flowers, a lovely bright bouquet
If I could send them still, I’d send them everyday .

It makes me very sad, to think of all you’ve missed,
To have you back with me today, is all I’ve ever wished.

I know that all the others, must surely wish the same,
But I can’t share my grief with them, and I won’t show my pain.

With this verse, my lovely mum, I send you my best wishes,
And know that if I only could, I’d shower you with kisses.

Oh help me lord, I’ve arrived in hell

Oh help me lord, I’ve arrived in hell,
When I walked through the door, I just couldn’t tell.

I noticed the souls asleep on the floor,
I woke up a few, when I opened the door.

The heat didn’t bug me, well not right away,
Although it felt hot for a wet winters day.

My eyes became wide, as they drank in the scene
Terrible things, the like never seen.

How did I happen to find myself here,
I’m usually in Greece at this time of year!

I don’t understand the meaning of this,
I hoped that the day would be full of bliss.

I woke up this morning, with a smile on my face
I’m not smiling now in this god awful place.

I must be a sinner, committed a crime
Paying the price, serving my time.

Dante had Virgil, but I’m all alone
Maybe I’ll meet a few emperors of Rome .

I don’t recall dying, so how can this be?
Am I now a ghost that no one can see.

I’m not convinced, that this is for real,
Is this really how my death should feel?

Cast down to hell, amongst the tormented,
This is not how my life should have ended.

I hope this is simply a terrible nightmare,
When I wake up, will I still be here?,

No, I’ll be home, asleep in my bed,
All thoughts of hell, having long left my head !!

Dearest Sophie , sweet niece of mine

Dearest Sophie, sweet niece of mine,
Born in June of ninety nine.

Fifteen this year, how can that be?,
You’ve grown up so fast, you’re taller than me!.

I remember your birth, the day you were born,
Wrapped in a blanket, all cosy and warm.

Beautiful eyes, so big and blue,
The moment we met, I knew I loved you.

So kind and loving, so giving and true,
The goodness inside you always shines through.

Bright as a button, top of your class,
You’ve yet to encounter a test you can’t pass.

In all that you do, you seem to excel,
There isn’t a task, you cannot do well.

An only child, but never alone
Surrounded by friends wherever you roam.

Loved and adored, you always will be
By all those you meet, but especially by me.

I love u mum, I miss you so

I love u mum, I miss you so,
Why on earth did you go,

Why did you have to die,
You weren’t ready to say good bye.

Why did I not save you
Was I not supposed to?.

How could you leave me , all on my own
You know I’m not happy when u don’t phone.

I need your advice mum, but who can I turn to
There’s no one I trust, quite like I did you.

No one to tell me where I went wrong
Dismiss all my fears, make me feel strong.

No one to laugh with, not like we did,
We laughed till we cried like a couple of kids.

A look, a smile, the unspoken words,
All understood, everything heard.

The fact that time passes, does not make amends ,
The questions, the sorrow, it just never ends.

The photos remind me of how it once was,
And then they remind me of all that I’ve lost.

I hope you’re at peace now, your suffering is done,
And know that I miss you and love you dear mum.

Tell me what ails you, in ten words or less

I consulted a shrink a short while ago,
What prompted my visit?, I’ m sure I don’t know!

Tell me what ails you, in ten words or less,
Ok then, I’ll start, and see where I get!

I hate being lied to, or lied about,
I hate falling short, or having a doubt.

I don’t like deception, or being deceived.
Nor misconception, being wrongly perceived.

Don’t patronise me, with that tone in your voice
Or make it so obvious, I’m not your first choice.

Don’t second guess me, and set out your traps
Your traps, they won’t get me, I’m too smart for that!.

I don’t like the strength, of your curious stare,
I sense that about me, you don’t really care.

I’m sick of your questions, direct and probing
Your cutting remarks, coated in loathing.

The whispers get louder, with each passing day
I give them no credence, whatever they say.

Look, I’m not listening, or watching or feeling,
Or waiting to sample, whatever you’re dealing.

I simply desire to be left on my own,
To do as I please, but do it alone.

Nothing you say, and nothing you do
Can take the great gift, of my solitude!.

Was that less than ten words, or just a few more?
I bade him farewell, and slipped out the door.

What do you see?

When you look at me, tell me, what do you see?
How do I look, what do you perceive ?.

I imagine you’re thinking, she looks quite nice,
Open and friendly, with nothing to hide.

What you see is what you get,
Hard to recall, but easy to forget.

Iikeable, Yes, funny and kind,
Whatever you think, I really don’t mind.

Ask for a favour, I’ll try to comply,
To make others happy, is all I desire.

The funny thing is, hidden inside,
Are plenty of secrets I’ve managed to hide.

If you only knew, if you just could tell,
You’d know straight away, you don’t know me well.

The person you see, is one that I let you,
The real one’s reserved, for merely a handful.

Does that seem sad, do you feel pity?,
It’s better this way, please try to believe me.

If I really showed you, what went on inside,
You’d run off in search of somewhere to hide!.

You won’t understand the thoughts in my head,
You have no idea, how bad it can get.

You can’t understand, how my mind works,
You’d get lost in the maze of my kinks, and my quirks.

I’d draw you a map, if only I could,
You’d study the map, but it would do you no good.

I don’t mean to patronise, or sound condescending,
You mustn’t start a journey, you’ll find never ending.

Take my advice, next time we meet,
Be that at work, or out on the street,

Cast me a glance, bid me good day,
Make your excuses, and be on your way!