A Gift from my Daughters

My daughters sent you a gift today,
Something special that they both made.

A shiny balloon, which they both signed,
And which they both kissed hundreds of times.

I don’t know why they chose today,
I didn’t ask and they didn’t say.

Maybe because, the sun was so bright,
Or the breeze in the air, would help with the flight?

I saw them watching the birds as they flew,
I sat with them and watched the birds too.

I saw my girls whispering, hands cupped round ears,
The eldest took charge, as befitted her years.

I didn’t question their plotting and scheming,
I knew just by looking, the excitement they were feeling.

They rushed back inside, both of them barefoot,
I assured the crushed ants, it would all be worth it!

I sat in the garden, patiently waiting,
Both anxious and happy, I could feel my heart racing.

And then my heart burst, right out of my chest,
My beautiful daughters, did what they do best.

They showed me that they remember you too,
By doing these things right out of the blue!.

My eldest, I know, really does miss you,
My youngest, I’m sure, would squeeze, hug and kiss you!.

We all of us watched, the balloon taking flight,
We followed its journey, until out of sight.

I hope you receive their wonderful gift,
I know it can’t make up for all that you’ve missed.

They just want to show you, and show me too,
How much they still love you, as much as I do.

So reach out a hand, and catch their balloon,
Fingers crossed, it should be with you soon!