My fairytale land.

Last night I arose from a wonderful dream
twinkle star woke me with her powerful beam

I gazed round my room, and what did I see?
the daintiest fairy staring at me.

Hello said the fairy, and how do you do
a wonderful adventure is waiting for you.

She held out her hand, I took it in mine
don’t worry she whispered, you’ll be just fine.

I closed my eyes, kept them shut tight
we sailed through the air, two birds in full flight.

When we arrived, to where we were bound
you couldn’t imagine the wonders I found.

Cinderella, Snow White, the 3 little pigs
the cat and the fiddle dancing a jig.

Where is this place, I asked of my guide
why Fairytale Land, she sweetly replied.

So happy was I, to be in this place
the biggest of smiles displayed on my face.

We travelled around, my fairy and I
delighted amazed, at all I did spy.

Little red riding hood baked us a cake
to thank her I showed her which path she should take.

I danced with some pixies, drank tea with a mouse
tasted the roof of a gingerbread house.

Beauty, the Beast, I met them all
too many names for me to recall.

And then it was time, to return to my bed
I said my goodbyes a few tears were shed.

In the blink of an eye, I was back in my room
my Fairytale adventure, had ended too soon.

I am the hunter.

I am the hunter, and you are my prey
you’ve been very bad, now it’s time to pay.

I’ve had you surveilled, kept you in my sights
I’ve seen what annoys you, in what you delight.

How long has it been, I’ve lost track of time
since you decided, you couldn’t be mine.

How many times, have I been deceived
how many lies, did you have me believe.

I didn’t doubt you, I stayed by your side
It didn’t occur, you had so much to hide.

You’re not hiding now though, I’m hot on your trail
You’re frightened, pathetic, you’re destined to fail.

I have been wondering, how it should be done
subtle by poison, or brutal by gun.

Don’t think I’m joking, believe me I’m not
you pushed me too far, now I’ve lost the plot.

My heart has been broken, I’m seething with rage
you’ve woken my demons, unlocked the cage.

I need you to suffer, scream out in pain
mess with your mind, drive you insane.

Now I am the hunter, and you are my prey
I’m coming to bring you, to your judgement day.

My Venetian sunset.

The most beautiful sunset that I’ve ever seen,
first came to me, in a wonderful dream.

A dream I first had, a long time ago,
brought me the gift, of a magical show.

The setting Venezia, an hour to dusk
honeysuckle blossom, traces of musk.

Imagine the beauty, the splendour on view
the prism of colours, their shimmering hue.

The water reflected, the suns fading light
the gondolier smiled, at the couples delight.

I stand on a bridge, and picture a scene
a masquerade ball, where I am the queen.

Casanova my partner, I dance in his arms
he preens like a peacock, displaying his charms.

As the sun slowly sets, the music dies down
the guests leave the floor, I take off my crown.

Fatigue overtakes me, sleep calls my name
my Venetian sunset, till we meet again.

M is for madness.

M is for madness, M is for me
surrounded by madness, it’s all I can see.

I think it’s genetic, my family are mad
My brother’s a psycho, then there’s my dad!.

My sister starts howling, at every full moon
and wears a fur coat, in the middle of June .

My uncle’s in jail, I can’t say what for
he’s safely locked up, behind a steel door.

My aunt loves to chat, to folk on the street
usually she’s naked, just socks on her feet.

My cousin’s alright, he’s only fifteen
but he’s blessed with 3 eyes, one blue and 2 green.

Last, but not least, is my dear grandpa Pat,
he calls himself Mary, and married his cat.

At the end of the day, when all’s said and done
living with madness, is really quite fun.

I like being crazy, cuckoo and mad
To live my life sane, to me seems so sad!.

I wish I had a Voodoo doll!

I wish I had a Voodoo doll
of that someone I hate,
If I had a Voodoo doll
I’m sure it would feel great.

If I had a Voodoo doll
I’d stab it in the eye
then sit back and wait
for you start to cry.

If I had a Voodoo doll
I’d stab it through the heart
Then sit back and watch
as your world falls apart.

I wish I had a Voodoo doll
an effigy of you
I’d stitch it’s wounds, fix it up
and make it good as new.

Something woke me up last night!

Something woke me up last night
and when I went to see,
I saw two piercing icy blue eyes
staring back at me.

I hid in fear beneath my bed,
my heart beat in my chest
far too scared to venture out
and face my unknown guest.

Seconds, minutes hours passed
the time was drawing near
I had to forgo safety
do battle with my fears.

Slowly, and with caution
I left my temporary lair
and then spied my tormentor
my daughters Teddy Bear!.