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My fairytale land.

Last night I arose from a wonderful dream twinkle star woke me with her powerful beam I gazed round my room, and what did I see? the daintiest fairy staring at me. Hello said the fairy, and how do you do a wonderful adventure is waiting for you. She held out her hand, I took […]

I am the hunter.

I am the hunter, and you are my prey you’ve been very bad, now it’s time to pay. I’ve had you surveilled, kept you in my sights I’ve seen what annoys you, in what you delight. How long has it been, I’ve lost track of time since you decided, you couldn’t be mine. How many […]

My Venetian sunset.

The most beautiful sunset that I’ve ever seen, first came to me, in a wonderful dream. A dream I first had, a long time ago, brought me the gift, of a magical show. The setting Venezia, an hour to dusk honeysuckle blossom, traces of musk. Imagine the beauty, the splendour on view the prism of […]

M is for madness.

M is for madness, M is for me surrounded by madness, it’s all I can see. I think it’s genetic, my family are mad My brother’s a psycho, then there’s my dad!. My sister starts howling, at every full moon and wears a fur coat, in the middle of June . My uncle’s in jail, […]

I wish I had a Voodoo doll!

I wish I had a Voodoo doll of that someone I hate, If I had a Voodoo doll I’m sure it would feel great. If I had a Voodoo doll I’d stab it in the eye then sit back and wait for you start to cry. If I had a Voodoo doll I’d stab it […]

Something woke me up last night!

Something woke me up last night and when I went to see, I saw two piercing icy blue eyes staring back at me. I hid in fear beneath my bed, my heart beat in my chest far too scared to venture out and face my unknown guest. Seconds, minutes hours passed the time was drawing […]

All little children adore fairytales.

All little children,  adore fairy tales To delight and enthral, these stories never fail. I have seen their effect, on my own little girls The way that their eyes widen, as a story unfurls. The look of terror, that passes between them As I tell them of goblins, witches and demons They love the 3 […]

A story for children.

I’m thinking of writing a new children’s story Nothing too dark, and nothing too gory!. I’ve toyed with the notion, for several years But the words wouldn’t come, the page remained bare. But lately the desire to write has returned My literary bridges, have not yet been burnt. Characters and plot lines, all need to […]

So here I wait.

So here I wait at the end of the phone Sat in my house, all on my own. Checking my emails everyday Something exciting might come my way. Just last year I was twelve years old Sat at my desk good as gold, I always did as I was told. Only last month I was […]

Today is my birthday!.

Today is my birthday, the day of my birth So I look around me, and study my worth. I’m a little surprised, that I’ve made it this far My journeys been varied, by foot or by car. I’ve taken some risks, cut a few corners Been skating on ice, whilst the suns getting warmer. I’ve […]