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I thought about you today.

I sat and I thought, about you today I sat and I thought, as I watched my girls play. Outside in the garden, the sun bright above With all of my family, surrounded by love. It would have been lovely, to see you today I’m sure that as always, we’d have plenty to say. We […]

The School Sports Day!

My eldest has been practicing, for her sports day The egg and spoon, her favourite race. She found one of her sister’s fake wooden eggs Chose a teaspoon, then a ladle instead!. I watched as she ran round, dropping her egg Thinking she’d do better if she stood on one leg!. Next came practice, for […]

Time to stop.

Give up, stop trying, call it a day Accept that the pain, is here to stay. Don’t wallow in self pity, it won’t change a thing Just sit there in silence, take everything in. Swallow your pride, your self esteem Give up your hopes, forget your dreams. You do realise, that no one respects you […]

The Hangover!.

Have you ever woken up, after a night of drinking With that awful feeling that the room is sinking?. With that awful pounding in your head Wishing, and praying, that you were dead. Wanting to hibernate, like a brown bear Asleep for the winter, in his warm lair. Why did I have to drink like […]

I started a diet today!.

I attempted to start a diet today Climb on the wagon, sit on the hay. I threw out the sweets, chocolate and cake, Discarding those treasures, made my heart ache. Next went the wine, straight down the plug I was mightily tempted to take a quick slug!. I jumped on the scales, to note down […]

Why do I need to be needy?

Why am I always so needy and weak Why does it take me, so long to speak? Why am I constantly trailing behind Right at the back, of a very long line. Why does my journey, take me so long Each path I choose, turns out to be wrong. Why am I always so easily […]

Can we talk?.

I must get something off of my chest, An issue that has caused me unrest. A problem that I cannot solve A puzzle that I must resolve. Tangled like a spider in his web Without a knife to cut the thread. I feel as if I’ve been deceived I know that I’ve been wrongly perceived. […]

I live in my own world.

I think I live in my own world, a place of my creation A place that causes me no end, of worry and frustration At times I wish I lived somewhere, in peace and solitude A place so distant and remote, that no one dare intrude. An island nestling in the sea, a mirage on […]

I wanted you to save me.

I wanted you to save me, but you said no. I wanted you to hold me tight, but you let me go. I wanted you to love me, as though I were your queen I wanted you to tell me, it wasn’t all a dream. I wanted you to need me, the way I needed […]

My daughter sang on stage today!.

My daughter sang on stage today, What can I tell you, she blew me away!! For weeks on end, I’ve worried and stressed My husband’s patience’s been put to the test. Sometime last year, an email came through I didn’t delete it, as I would normally do. I read it with interest, and then I […]