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A belated thank you.

Five years ago, god how time flies. You still have the same beautiful eyes. You still have the same welcoming smile You still show your love, to every child. Fate introduced us, when I needed you most You turned out to be, the most wonderful host. I knew right away, the first time we met […]

it’s still me you know!.

It’s still me you know, I’m still here, I didn’t go!. The writing is just a part of me A place I can say whatever I please. I’m exactly the same person I was last year Gained a few pounds, coloured my hair. I’ve always been good at spinning a yarn The odd tall tale, […]

How much better do I feel today!.

How much better do I feel today!, Some of the angst, has now gone away. So cathartic it is to unburden ones soul Unleash the truth, bitter and cold. I covered your back for as long as I could You shrugged off my coat, I knew that you would. I can play the martyr, be […]

Today I feel quite sad again.

Today I feel quite sad again. It’s like meeting up with an old friend. A friend I don’t like, but who I know well When they’ll turn up, I never can tell!. Yet again I find myself back in their grasp Yet again wondering, how long will it last?. After all of this time, I […]

How do I love thee?

How do I love thee? Let me name the ways. I love you more each passing day Of that there is no doubt. I love the fact you are the one I shall never be without. I love your kindness and your strength The way you pick me up. I love you more for making […]

The Fox.

Sly red fox of the night, Orange eyes burning bright. Stockinged feet, padded paws, Wreaking havoc is your cause. Once the sun has gone to sleep, Up you get and off you creep. At night you venture out to play, Keep out of sight, throughout the day. Always looking for something to eat, In your […]

What is this life?

What is this life if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. No time to wander through the fields, To sample all that nature yields. No time to watch our children grow, And melt our hearts like sun does snow. No time to savour every word, Be they ones read, or […]

What would happen if I stopped tomorrow?

What would happen if I stopped tomorrow? Would it all end in abject sorrow? What if I just turn my back, say I’ve had enough of that! Would I manage, could I cope?, would I have a single hope? Every day I take a pill, But not because I am physically ill. My body doesn’t […]

Mirror, mirror.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?. Not you he said to my dismay, You’re missing teeth, and your hair is grey!. Please dear mirror, don’t let it be so What happened to me, where did the years go?. I thought I was only twelve years old Fresh faced and happy, […]

A word of advice.

A word of advice, to all fledgling poets To writers and bards, who may not yet know it.Writing a verse, a poem or song Can be lots of fun, and need not take long. It’s not quite as easy as nineteen plus three And slightly more taxing than A, B or C!. It’s possibly similar […]