Dearest Sophie , sweet niece of mine

Dearest Sophie, sweet niece of mine,
Born in June of ninety nine.

Fifteen this year, how can that be?,
You’ve grown up so fast, you’re taller than me!.

I remember your birth, the day you were born,
Wrapped in a blanket, all cosy and warm.

Beautiful eyes, so big and blue,
The moment we met, I knew I loved you.

So kind and loving, so giving and true,
The goodness inside you always shines through.

Bright as a button, top of your class,
You’ve yet to encounter a test you can’t pass.

In all that you do, you seem to excel,
There isn’t a task, you cannot do well.

An only child, but never alone
Surrounded by friends wherever you roam.

Loved and adored, you always will be
By all those you meet, but especially by me.

Tell me what ails you, in ten words or less

I consulted a shrink a short while ago,
What prompted my visit?, I’ m sure I don’t know!

Tell me what ails you, in ten words or less,
Ok then, I’ll start, and see where I get!

I hate being lied to, or lied about,
I hate falling short, or having a doubt.

I don’t like deception, or being deceived.
Nor misconception, being wrongly perceived.

Don’t patronise me, with that tone in your voice
Or make it so obvious, I’m not your first choice.

Don’t second guess me, and set out your traps
Your traps, they won’t get me, I’m too smart for that!.

I don’t like the strength, of your curious stare,
I sense that about me, you don’t really care.

I’m sick of your questions, direct and probing
Your cutting remarks, coated in loathing.

The whispers get louder, with each passing day
I give them no credence, whatever they say.

Look, I’m not listening, or watching or feeling,
Or waiting to sample, whatever you’re dealing.

I simply desire to be left on my own,
To do as I please, but do it alone.

Nothing you say, and nothing you do
Can take the great gift, of my solitude!.

Was that less than ten words, or just a few more?
I bade him farewell, and slipped out the door.

What do you see?

When you look at me, tell me, what do you see?
How do I look, what do you perceive ?.

I imagine you’re thinking, she looks quite nice,
Open and friendly, with nothing to hide.

What you see is what you get,
Hard to recall, but easy to forget.

Iikeable, Yes, funny and kind,
Whatever you think, I really don’t mind.

Ask for a favour, I’ll try to comply,
To make others happy, is all I desire.

The funny thing is, hidden inside,
Are plenty of secrets I’ve managed to hide.

If you only knew, if you just could tell,
You’d know straight away, you don’t know me well.

The person you see, is one that I let you,
The real one’s reserved, for merely a handful.

Does that seem sad, do you feel pity?,
It’s better this way, please try to believe me.

If I really showed you, what went on inside,
You’d run off in search of somewhere to hide!.

You won’t understand the thoughts in my head,
You have no idea, how bad it can get.

You can’t understand, how my mind works,
You’d get lost in the maze of my kinks, and my quirks.

I’d draw you a map, if only I could,
You’d study the map, but it would do you no good.

I don’t mean to patronise, or sound condescending,
You mustn’t start a journey, you’ll find never ending.

Take my advice, next time we meet,
Be that at work, or out on the street,

Cast me a glance, bid me good day,
Make your excuses, and be on your way!