A belated thank you.

Five years ago, god how time flies.
You still have the same beautiful eyes.

You still have the same welcoming smile
You still show your love, to every child.

Fate introduced us, when I needed you most
You turned out to be, the most wonderful host.

I knew right away, the first time we met
To care for my baby, you were the best!.

I needed assistance, I just couldn’t cope
You eased all my worries, and gave me back hope.

When my mother got ill, yet again you came through
Getting on with the things, I just couldn’t do.

I think somehow, we were destined to meet
You’re one of a few, that sees the real me.

I hope in your life, you have all you desire
Achieve all the dreams, to which you aspire.

For you I predict a long happy life
You will have lots of children, and be a good wife.

I now finish this verse, I’ve written for you
Hoping my sentiments have clearly come through.

Hoping you know how special you are
One in a million, a true shining star.

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