A story for children.

I’m thinking of writing a new children’s story
Nothing too dark, and nothing too gory!.

I’ve toyed with the notion, for several years
But the words wouldn’t come, the page remained bare.

But lately the desire to write has returned
My literary bridges, have not yet been burnt.

Characters and plot lines, all need to be thought of
If I get stuck, I could just ask my daughters.

To think like a child, is the key to all this
A child sees the things, that as grown ups, we miss.

To appeal to a child, you must empathise
You have to be able, to see through their eyes.

Once upon a time, my opening line?
Or has that been used, too many times.

Will my heroine be a princess, locked up in a tower
The villain, her step mum, malicious and dour.

The setting perhaps, a deep dark wood
Where that mouse found a nut, and the nut looked good!.

No, I shan’t copy others, there’s no need for that
I have my own tricks, to pull out of the hat!.

I have many characters, floating around my head
But if they don’t fit it, I’ll use others instead.

I do have one tale, I’ve already written
My audience of three, were really quite smitten!.

Electra, Augusta, and Aqua their names,
But are they quite ready to handle the fame?.

It’s a tale that is based on three little girls
Two of them mine, my niece is the third.

They all have special powers, that set them apart
And all three have been blessed, with the gentlest of hearts.

Electra, the eldest, is giving and wise,
But don’t look too closely, into her eyes!.

Augusta, the youngest, looks just like Snow White
But don’t stand too close, when she prepares to take flight.

The last of the trio, but certainly not the least
Is Aqua, the maiden who can swim with the fish!.

But perhaps I should try out, something brand new
Introduce different characters, maybe someone like you?.

Who knows what I’ll write, which words will appear
As long as you like them, I don’t really care.

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