All little children adore fairytales.

All little children,  adore fairy tales
To delight and enthral, these stories never fail.

I have seen their effect, on my own little girls
The way that their eyes widen, as a story unfurls.

The look of terror, that passes between them
As I tell them of goblins, witches and demons

They love the 3 pigs, as they run from the wolf
And the fact that he’d eat them, if only he could!.

They admire Rapunzel, and her long golden hair
They’d climb up to meet her, if only they dared.

They smile when the duckling turns into a swan
Are sad when the little lamb can’t find his way home.

They believe that the elves, really did make those shoes
And that witches live in cottages, with sugar spun roofs.

They gaze at the drawings of beautiful princesses
Resplendent in jewels, and taffeta dresses.

They wish they could meet a unicorn one day
Or go swimming with mermaids, by the dock of a bay.

They would love to have tea with the billy goats gruff
Making sure that all three,  had eaten enough.

Then visit red riding hood, and bring her some cake
And draw her a map of which  path she should take.

They giggle at the emperor, and his naked behind
And worry that Goldilocks won’t get out in time.

Then there’s Snow White, and her 7 little dwarfs
Whistling their tune, as they skip off to work.

There are so many characters, I can’t name them all
I’m sure I’ve forgotten, more than I recall.

I’ve read all these fables, had them read to me
My imagination happy, I let it run free.

I’ll continue to read them, for as long as I ‘m able
Whilst I sip rhubarb tea at the mad hatter’s table!.

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