An angel came to sit with me.

An angel came to sit with me
she felt my abject misery
she saw the tears I often shed
she saw the turmoil in my head.

The angel sat but did not speak
she wiped a tear from my cheek
her eyes were clear, bright and blue
compassion, kindness both shone through.

She took my hand and held it tight
her skin so soft, cold and white.
I clung to her in desperation
praying she would bring salvation.

She stroked my hair, and held me close
she smelled so sweet, a fragrant rose
I cried fresh tears, a river flowed
an endless torrent, until it slowed.

I fell asleep in the angels arms
comforted by her ethereal charms
I felt safe content and totally free
the happy soul, I wanted to be.

An angel came to sit with me
to halt my abject misery
to soothe my worries ease my pain
give me the strength to live again.

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