Can we talk?.

I must get something off of my chest,
An issue that has caused me unrest.

A problem that I cannot solve
A puzzle that I must resolve.

Tangled like a spider in his web
Without a knife to cut the thread.

I feel as if I’ve been deceived
I know that I’ve been wrongly perceived.

I’d like you to place yourself in my shoes
I really have nothing left to lose.

I just want the answer, to one simple question
You have the answers, and I need to get them!.

I feel I deserve some explanation
I feel I have been exceedingly patient.

I’m not going back, to how it once was
When I lay myself down, for everyone to cross.

There’s only so much, one person can take
Only so long, before the heart starts to break.

I’d love to hear your side of the story
Spoken by you, however gory!.

I won’t be offended, or get upset
I can’t let it go, at least not just yet.

I hope that you read this, and guess its for you
I’ve made it quite clear, what I need you to do.

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