How much better do I feel today!.

How much better do I feel today!,
Some of the angst, has now gone away.

So cathartic it is to unburden ones soul
Unleash the truth, bitter and cold.

I covered your back for as long as I could
You shrugged off my coat, I knew that you would.

I can play the martyr, be Joan of Arc
True to the cause, until that first spark!.

I can make you all pity, feel sorry for me
Like the bunny in a trap, you’re all clamouring to free.

I can feign disappointment, heartbreak and more
The more wretched I am, the higher I score!.

We all love an underdog , someone we can help
I’m so used to the role, I’ve started to yelp!.

I try not to come across as particularly bright
Don’t give a me a test though, this underdog can bite!!

My species amuse me, all jostling for position
Too busy to notice the life that they’re missing!.

I have no desire to be top of that pile,
The winning contestant whose forgotten her smile!.

I’m quite happy here, my feet on the ground
Watching the ants all scurry around.

My life is too short, too precious to waste,
But you carry on, so I can enjoy your mistakes!!.

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