I am the hunter.

I am the hunter, and you are my prey
you’ve been very bad, now it’s time to pay.

I’ve had you surveilled, kept you in my sights
I’ve seen what annoys you, in what you delight.

How long has it been, I’ve lost track of time
since you decided, you couldn’t be mine.

How many times, have I been deceived
how many lies, did you have me believe.

I didn’t doubt you, I stayed by your side
It didn’t occur, you had so much to hide.

You’re not hiding now though, I’m hot on your trail
You’re frightened, pathetic, you’re destined to fail.

I have been wondering, how it should be done
subtle by poison, or brutal by gun.

Don’t think I’m joking, believe me I’m not
you pushed me too far, now I’ve lost the plot.

My heart has been broken, I’m seething with rage
you’ve woken my demons, unlocked the cage.

I need you to suffer, scream out in pain
mess with your mind, drive you insane.

Now I am the hunter, and you are my prey
I’m coming to bring you, to your judgement day.

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