I live in my own world.

I think I live in my own world, a place of my creation
A place that causes me no end, of worry and frustration

At times I wish I lived somewhere, in peace and solitude
A place so distant and remote, that no one dare intrude.

An island nestling in the sea, a mirage on the waves
No one would come to rescue me, I won’t need to be saved.

If not an Island, then perhaps, a castle with a tower.
A castle standing proud and tall, the gardens, strewn with flowers.

If not a castle, how about a bunker underground
A perfect little hideaway, never to be found.

But what about my family, the people I would miss?
How could I abandon them, without even a kiss.

I couldn’t could I?, that’s the truth, I don’t think I’d survive
My family are the reason, that I am still alive.

The seek me out, and bring me back, when I try to escape
They realise when I’ve had, as much as I can take.

They let me spend some time alone, whilst always being near
They never question me on days, when I’m not full of cheer.

They don’t remind me of those times, once they are in the past
They know full well, without a doubt the bad times never last.

On days that I am happy, a day just like today
I wouldn’t dream of leaving, or trying to get away.

I wouldn’t dream of causing them, any further pain
That’s why I always find myself, coming home again.

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