it’s still me you know!.

It’s still me you know,
I’m still here, I didn’t go!.

The writing is just a part of me
A place I can say whatever I please.

I’m exactly the same person I was last year
Gained a few pounds, coloured my hair.

I’ve always been good at spinning a yarn
The odd tall tale, never did any harm!.

When we’re speaking face to face
I find it difficult, keeping pace.

I try to concentrate on all that you say
Hoping my focus does not start to stray.

You know how it is with some people you meet
They talk till exhausted, then fall at your feet.

I like to say, what you like to hear
Show that I like you, show that I care.

I would never speak in the way that I write
I wouldn’t want to get into a fight!.

Don’t read too much into my words
At times they make sense, at times they’re absurd!.

My emotions are heightened , whilst I am writing
Sometimes the truth, isn’t quite as exciting!.

Elaborate, exaggerate, call it what you will
All necessary evils with pages to fill!.

Don’t read too much into my musings
I promise, it isn’t your trust I’m abusing!.

Creative licence, isn’t that what it’s called?.
I use it to the max, especially when I’m bored!.

Take what I write, when a good pinch of salt
Don’t be offended, or let yourself be hurt.

I love all my readers, I wish them no ill
The last people on earth, I’d want to kill !.

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