My daughter sang on stage today!.

My daughter sang on stage today,
What can I tell you, she blew me away!!

For weeks on end, I’ve worried and stressed
My husband’s patience’s been put to the test.

Sometime last year, an email came through
I didn’t delete it, as I would normally do.

I read it with interest, and then I replied
When the response came back , it was a massive surprise!.

My eldest had been chosen to appear on the stage
To sing for ten minutes in the middle of the day.

Poor Isabella I thought to myself
She’s too young for this, I’ve got to get help!

I got onto Google, typed in my search
A singing teacher needed, to help my little girl.

A few days later, my prayers they were answered
A received a strange phone call from someone named Duncan !

Are you in North London?, he asked when we spoke
If you are then I may have the woman who can help!.

On the following Monday, there was a knock at my door,
There stood Melanie, at about six foot four!.

Come in I said, I’m so glad you’re here
No worries said Mel, I could murder a beer!.

From the land of Oz, Via Archway hailed Mel,
I thought she was great, my type of gal!.

Mel soon took my eldest under her wing,
And told me point blank, that my daughter could sing!.

That was all, of three weeks ago,
No time at all, to prepare for a show!.

That’s what I thought, and thank god I was wrong,
Bella took to the stage, and belted out her song!.

With flowers in her hair, a big smile on her face
She owned it on stage, and lit up the place.

She sang like an angel, a nightingale no less,
Everyone told us, she was the best!.

When it was over, the relief was immense,
I could feel myself relax, my muscles untense.

Thank you Isabella for making us so proud,
Daddy and I , are floating on a cloud.

And know that whatever you choose to do in your life,
You’ll always have daddy, mummy and Gina,right there by your side.

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