My fairytale land.

Last night I arose from a wonderful dream
twinkle star woke me with her powerful beam

I gazed round my room, and what did I see?
the daintiest fairy staring at me.

Hello said the fairy, and how do you do
a wonderful adventure is waiting for you.

She held out her hand, I took it in mine
don’t worry she whispered, you’ll be just fine.

I closed my eyes, kept them shut tight
we sailed through the air, two birds in full flight.

When we arrived, to where we were bound
you couldn’t imagine the wonders I found.

Cinderella, Snow White, the 3 little pigs
the cat and the fiddle dancing a jig.

Where is this place, I asked of my guide
why Fairytale Land, she sweetly replied.

So happy was I, to be in this place
the biggest of smiles displayed on my face.

We travelled around, my fairy and I
delighted amazed, at all I did spy.

Little red riding hood baked us a cake
to thank her I showed her which path she should take.

I danced with some pixies, drank tea with a mouse
tasted the roof of a gingerbread house.

Beauty, the Beast, I met them all
too many names for me to recall.

And then it was time, to return to my bed
I said my goodbyes a few tears were shed.

In the blink of an eye, I was back in my room
my Fairytale adventure, had ended too soon.

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