My life story?.

What have you done with your life up till now?
Could you answer that, if so tell me how.

When I was born, I got the wrong list
I’m a quick learner,  I soon got the gist.

Do as you’re told, be seen but not heard
Follow the crowd, be part of the herd.

Be average in class, stifle your voice
Smile and accept, it’s not a choice.

Don’t lose the weight, or colour your hair
Stay in the background, it’s much safer there.

Marry the first one who drives to the door
If they own a car, they can’t be that poor.

Produce a few offspring, perhaps just the one
Tears when they come, tears when they’re gone.

Keep taking the tablets, drinking the wine
Numbing the pain,  and wasting your time.

Stop and take stock, when your mother dies
Take hold of your life, open your eyes.

Don’t look to the future, don’t live in the past
Just treat every day, as if its your last.

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