My Venetian sunset.

The most beautiful sunset that I’ve ever seen,
first came to me, in a wonderful dream.

A dream I first had, a long time ago,
brought me the gift, of a magical show.

The setting Venezia, an hour to dusk
honeysuckle blossom, traces of musk.

Imagine the beauty, the splendour on view
the prism of colours, their shimmering hue.

The water reflected, the suns fading light
the gondolier smiled, at the couples delight.

I stand on a bridge, and picture a scene
a masquerade ball, where I am the queen.

Casanova my partner, I dance in his arms
he preens like a peacock, displaying his charms.

As the sun slowly sets, the music dies down
the guests leave the floor, I take off my crown.

Fatigue overtakes me, sleep calls my name
my Venetian sunset, till we meet again.

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