The Fox.

Sly red fox of the night,
Orange eyes burning bright.

Stockinged feet, padded paws,
Wreaking havoc is your cause.

Once the sun has gone to sleep,
Up you get and off you creep.

At night you venture out to play,
Keep out of sight, throughout the day.

Always looking for something to eat,
In your back garden, out in the street.

Make sure you’re pets are locked safely away,
You don’t want your bunny to be ‘dish of the day’!

Fox is a coward, he won’t stop and fight,
But still he endeavours to give you a fright!

You rummage through bins, look in the shed,
I wish you would leave, go back to bed.

To me you are simply a horrible pest,
Being a nuisance is what you do best.

Did you take my rabbit, my poor little Blue?
I know that you took her, I know it was you!

I saw you that night, earlier on,
My fault I fear, I thought you had gone!

Don’t worry Fox, it’s not over yet,
I haven’t forgiven, and I never forget!

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