The Hangover!.

Have you ever woken up, after a night of drinking
With that awful feeling that the room is sinking?.

With that awful pounding in your head
Wishing, and praying, that you were dead.

Wanting to hibernate, like a brown bear
Asleep for the winter, in his warm lair.

Why did I have to drink like a fish?
I could have avoided feeling like this!.

The festivities started at six on the dot
I got there early to get a good spot.

I started off slowly, sipping my wine,
But before I knew it, I’d lost track of time!.

I’d forgotten to eat, that’s nothing new
A liquid diet, would just have to do!.

Then I decided to vary my drink
See how many shots, this girl could sink!.

I sank quite a few, I lost count at seven
I passed out at ten, or was it eleven!.

Before I passed out, I fancied a dance
Like a drunken old mule, I started to prance.

I spun round the floor, busting my moves
God knows what happened to my tights and my shoes!.

I have no recollection, of how I got home
I recall tripping up, and dropping my phone.

Did I walk home, or did I get a cab?
I think I had chips with my doner kebab.

All I know is that it won’t  happen again
Next time I go out, I’ll be back home by ten.

I have learnt a lesson, a valuable one
My days of getting drunk, are over and done.

I cannot recover, as once was the case
What took a few hours, now takes several days.

I look and feel, like the walking dead
I don’t think I’d care, if they chopped off my head.
My eyes look like marbles pickled in brine
My hair like a haystack , tied up with twine.

Never again, I swear hand on heart
I’m just wondering when never should start!!.

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