The School Sports Day!

My eldest has been practicing, for her sports day
The egg and spoon, her favourite race.

She found one of her sister’s fake wooden eggs
Chose a teaspoon, then a ladle instead!.

I watched as she ran round, dropping her egg
Thinking she’d do better if she stood on one leg!.

Next came practice, for the fancy dress race?
I know, that’s the look I had on my face!.

Apparently, you run and get dressed on the way,
They didn’t call it fancy dress, back in my day!.

What else are you doing?, I asked as she rested
The poor girls resolve, had been sorely tested!.

It’s not about winning, it’s about taking part!
She loudly declared, as she sank to the grass.

Who told you that,  load of old tosh?
Obviously someone,  who never came first!.

If you cannot win, by doing your best
Don’t rest on your laurels, leave success to the rest!.

Beg steal or borrow, cheat by all means,
Injure opponents, shatter their dreams.

Mummy and Daddy want you to win
To lose in our eyes, is a terrible sin!!.

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