Time to stop.

Give up, stop trying, call it a day
Accept that the pain, is here to stay.

Don’t wallow in self pity, it won’t change a thing
Just sit there in silence, take everything in.

Swallow your pride, your self esteem
Give up your hopes, forget your dreams.

You do realise, that no one respects you
I don’t see anyone, rushing to protect you.

I hope you’re not crying, please do not cry
It would take an eternity, for your tears to dry.

I’m just being honest, for your own good
You know that I’d help you, if only I could.

That ridiculously soft part of your heart
Has held you back, right from the start.

Has clouded your judgement at every turn
When are you ever going to learn?.

You’re too easy to fool, trick and deceive
Too hard to get rid of, they want you to leave!.

Poor thing, I know, it’s not easy being you
I wouldn’t want to spend a day in your shoes.

I couldn’t let myself, be treated as you are
I didn’t think a person, could be pushed quite that far.

How much more are you prepared to endure?
Don’t you ever think, to settle the score.

Please don’t think that I mean to hurt you
I just don’t like seeing, what you have to go through.

I want you to start to put yourself first.
Just keep up your guard, and you won’t be hurt.

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