Today I feel quite sad again.

Today I feel quite sad again.
It’s like meeting up with an old friend.

A friend I don’t like, but who I know well
When they’ll turn up, I never can tell!.

Yet again I find myself back in their grasp
Yet again wondering, how long will it last?.

After all of this time, I should be more prepared
Ready to do battle with the worst of my fears!.

Unfortunately though, that isn’t the case
How do I decide which demon to face?.

Will they be old ones I’ve previously encountered?.
Or new and unknown ones, as yet unsurmounted.

We have nothing in common, myself and this friend
Yet I know they’ll be with me, right up to the end.

Maybe it’s my fault, I seek them out
Watering the earth, after a drought.

Why don’t I just accept it, why do I try to resist?.
Why don’t I just close my eyes, simply cease to exist.

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