Today is my birthday!.

Today is my birthday, the day of my birth
So I look around me, and study my worth.

I’m a little surprised, that I’ve made it this far
My journeys been varied, by foot or by car.

I’ve taken some risks, cut a few corners
Been skating on ice, whilst the suns getting warmer.

I’ve found myself placed, right in harms way
Grateful that fate, always dragged me away.

Decisions I’ve made, haven’t always been good
Avoiding the truth, for as long as I could.

There’ve been times when I’ve been,  out on a limb
Knocking on windows, longing to get in.

I’ve escaped being caught, by the skin of my teeth
Toyed with the notion, of becoming a thief.

I’ve lied and deceived, till I’m blue in the face
Tripped others up, so that I win the race.

I’ve pretended to cry, whilst laughing inside
Innocent and pure, as the blushing new bride.

I’ve also been good, kind and considerate
Come across as a fool, the village idiot.

I’ve made others laugh, laugh till they cry
Cheered them right up, when they’re dying inside.

I’ve always been loyal, consistent and wise
I’ve considered your friendship, the ultimate prize.

I’ve stayed happily married, had two little girls
I’ve watched my mum dying, that part becomes blurred.

My best friend’s been with me, since the age of 11
Her parents, and my mother, are now up in heaven.

My siblings and father, are all still around
If ever I need them, they’ll always be found.

I know there’s no point, to living in the past
No escaping the outcome, once your net has been cast.

Today I am older, if not wiser perhaps
But so far it’s been good, so I’ll drink to that!.

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