Where are you taking me?.

Where are you taking me, sweet little elf
Is it to someplace, I’d venture myself?

Will it be gruesome, vile and revolting
Alluringly bleak,  dark thoughts evoking.

Could it be haunted,  by phantoms and ghosts
Blood thirsty bats, to which we are hosts.

What of lost souls, do they live there
Are those their cries, tainting the air?

I’m scared of the dark, what lies beyond
Should I cry out, who would respond

Why bring me here, what have I done
Which wicked tale, has someone spun

You must not believe, all that you hear
Do you think it’s me, you need to fear?

Be cautious kind elf, you’ve brought me to Hell
Dear Dante and Virgil, depicted it well

Don’t try my patience, my trusty guide
Nor seek to run, elves cannot hide.

Please take me back, sweet little elf
Or here you’ll remain, all by yourself!.

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