Why do I need to be needy?

Why am I always so needy and weak
Why does it take me, so long to speak?

Why am I constantly trailing behind
Right at the back, of a very long line.

Why does my journey, take me so long
Each path I choose, turns out to be wrong.

Why am I always so easily missed
The last one at midnight to receive a kiss.

Why don’t I ever speak as I find
Use all the words stuck in my mind.

Why do I always miss all the fun
Turn up to the party, once it’s all done.

Why do I sometimes, feel very sad
Without prior warning, it can get very bad.

Why do I want you to like me so much
Then turn you away, look but don’t touch.

Why should I care, what you think of me
Out of ten, would you give me a two or a three?.

Why do I always, say sorry first
Swallow my pride, whatever the hurt.

Why not for once, can’t I be the winner
And not wear the sackcloth of the hard done by sinner.

Why can’t I ever, take my turn on the stage
To learn all my lines, would take me an age.

Basically, why can’t I be someone else
Someone who never requires your help.

Why can’t I just be that person today
If I were that person, I’d know what to say.

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