I didn’t tell you how sorry I am.

I didn’t tell you how sorry I am
I wish I could go back, to when it began.

It didn’t make sense, the way that it ended
I didn’t believe you couldn’t be mended!

Nobody guessed, I didn’t foresee
Your soul was so close to being set free.

I took you for granted, I know that I did
Thank you for having the grace to forgive.

Where did it come from?, your endless compassion
I tried to reciprocate, after a fashion.

I was far more concerned, with my state of mind!
Letting  me down, time after time!

You always stayed strong, picked up the slack
I ran ahead, and didn’t look back!

If I had just stopped, drowning in sorrow
You might still be here to welcome tomorrow.

I wouldn’t be feeling the way that I am
Wading through life, bereft of a plan.

Of course I am grateful for all that I have
Health, wealth and happiness, all there to grab!

But I just can’t reach them, not all at once
With two of the three, I don’t stand a chance!

Oh woe is me!, my constant lament
Never replete, seldom content.

Look at me now, the way that I’m writing
All about me, my selfishness frightening!.

I’m so sorry mum, please can you forgive me?.
Banish the guilt, that now resides with me!.

It’s just that I miss you with all of my heart
The day that you died, my world fell apart!

I should have been stronger, just put you first
Stood right beside you, made myself heard!

To live with these feelings of loss and regret
Is made that much harder, when you can’t forget.

I wake every morning, fully aware
That time has moved on, and you’re no longer here!

My heart bears the scars, my eyes fill with tears
Absolving my guilt, will take many years.


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