I missed you today

I missed you today, as I always do
I sat in the sun, and thought about you.

I thought how unfair, this life can be
how cruel, unforgiving, to take you from me.

I needed you here, to show me the way
I needed to hear, what you had to say.

No one can gauge my moods  like you could
No one can make me see all that’s good.

Why did you die, I need to know
Was it so bad, you chose to go?

Could you not take, this life anymore
was it too much for you to endure?

If I could have taken, some of your pain
would you have listened, let me explain?

I wish that I’d told you, how much I cared
I should have told you, but I never dared.

I missed you today, I’ll miss you tomorrow
the rest of my days, will be filled with sorrow.

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