I really needed to see you today.

I really needed, to see you today
I really wanted, to hear what you’d say.

And then it hit me, like it always does,
the fact you reside now,  in heaven above.

It’s just not the same, without you here
everything’s blurred, nothing is clear.

Yet again I question, why did you die
yet again I fail,  to receive a reply.

People tell me, you have to move on
let the past go, keep being strong.

They don’t understand the way that I feel
lost and bewildered, nothing is real.

I wish I could simply, see you once more
be greeted by you, when I open my door.

Send me a sign, allow me to hope
give me the tools, with which to cope.

But I know that I won’t, see you again
least not till my own life,  has come to an end,

Until such time then, my memories will do
I’ll smile and I’ll cry, as I think about you.

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