I thought about you today.

I sat and I thought, about you today
I sat and I thought, as I watched my girls play.

Outside in the garden, the sun bright above
With all of my family, surrounded by love.

It would have been lovely, to see you today
I’m sure that as always, we’d have plenty to say.

We went out for lunch, Sophie came too
The only one missing that mattered,  was you.

I’ve stopped hoping it’s you, when I hear the phone ring
And even when I answer, I never hear a thing.

I know it’s not you, knocking at my door
I’ve acknowledged the fact, that won’t happen anymore.

I’ve given up hoping, that you’ll buy me a gift
I’ve lost count of the special occasions you’ve missed.

But still, I often think about you
Hoping you’re watching the things that we do.

As I sat and I thought,  about you today
I didn’t feel sad, as was often the case.

I sat and I thought, how lucky I was
To have had you in my life, before you were lost.

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