The First of March

Four years today, that can’t be right
I slept like a baby, all through the night.

No bad thoughts invaded my dreams
No one woke up, from hearing me scream!

The house is just as I left it last night
Bars on the windows, doors all locked tight.

No evidence here, that something’s amiss
No possible cause for feeling like this.

Look at the date, I hear someone say
The first of March, St. David’s day!

And then they return, to sit by my side
The memories of then, the day that she died.

I didn’t go crazy, and lose every plot
I have hidden strengths, though some may think not!

I held it together for everyone else
I can’t share the heartache, that’s just for myself.

When you have a family, whom on you depends
You can’t call it quits, and say it’s the end.

I’m not seeking pity, if that’s what you’re thinking
I’ve made it this far, without truly sinking!

I’ve made it to now, right back to today
To much better times, I’m happy to say.

Still, with all that said, and a smile on my face
I know she’s the one I can never replace.

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